The First Post on Money

Time for a chat on $ kids!

Over the course of the past year, I’ve read a few books on personal finance.  I’m sure that there are many folks reading who are saying “duh, we’re in a recession”!  Thankfully, I was blessed to have read most of these books before everything got messed up with the economy almost a year ago.  However, there is one book that stood out amongst all the others, that was actually written during the recession.

Ramit Sethi’s book and blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich first came into my sights as a guest post on Tim Ferriss’ blog.  The article was written so well and made so much sense, especially for those seeking The Four Hour Workweek approach to life and business, that it was an instant purchase and a quick read for me once it came to my door.

There are TONS of books out there on personal finance.   From Robert Kiyosaki to Dave Ramsey, Randy Alcorn to Dwight Nichols.  I Will Teach You To Be Rich is perhaps the best book I’ve read that is address to this generation, to the twentysomethings of modern day America.

From the bright cover to the audacious title of the book, it’s perfect for the in-your-face generation that for the most part, has absolutely no clue about how to handle money.  I LOVE this book!

Since reading the book my wife and I have:

  • Increased the size of our checking and savings accounts dramatically
  • Set up a systemitized finance system that saves, pays bills, and helps reduce debt, ALL automatically!
  • Checked-in on our finances for a grand total of less than one hour per month!

Bottom line?  We’ve increased in every area where it brings what Dave Ramsey would call “financial peace” and have literally freed ourselves from the time factor of tracking and managing where our money is going.  And I don’t say any of this to brag, I say it because Ramit’s methods (when applied) really make that much of a difference!

Instead of me explaining it all, have Ramit open your eyes to what it means to have a bullet-proof personal finance system.  After you’ve read that, please take my advice and buy the book, then subscribe via RSS to Ramit’s feed.

If you were my own child, now would be the time that I got down on one knee and talked heart to heart with ya for a second.  Lots of people are stressed about money.  Please take my advice and give this book a chance.  It will help to open your eyes up to the possibilities of what could be, and get you thinking down the right path of victory instead of constant defeat!  🙂

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