Crackberry Free Zone

Thursday, the self-deception ended.

I am a crack head.  At roughly 9:15 am EST, my beloved phone stopped working for the next 7ish hours.

Maybe it was the strange itchy feeling I got in my pocket, knowing that my phone wasn’t there.  Maybe it was the fact that I literally reached for it 20 times in a 30 minute span.  Maybe it was the initial shock of thinking, “Ok, how is the world going to go on without me being able to communicate?!?!?”

Seriously, as far as modern communicating with those outside of my physical location, my phone is everything.  Not only is it the only # that I have available (land lines are soooo 20th century), but it also allows me to text, email, listen to Pandora, watch YouTube, go on Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress, and play games when all of the above has lost its pizazz.

It was strange however, after I got over the shock (which took about 1-1/2 hours to get to that point), I realized that I was ok.  The sky wasn’t falling, work was getting done, and I was ok.   As a matter of fact, I got more work done.  What a novel idea!  You would think after reading a book like this, this, or this, that I’d understand what it means to be focused and what it means to be distracted…nope.  It took Blackberry withdrawls to bring me there.

What was really made evident to me was how shallow my work day really is.   Not only did I get distracted often, but once the work is done, what else is there to do?  Maybe that’s another talk for another day (it WILL come up, just not today).  Anyways, I’ve started to turn my phone off more during the day now and disconnect for a little bit.  It’s refreshing to take a little break here and there.

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