Routine Maintenance

We’re well into the new year.  How are your goals holding up?

Right around this time of year is when the health clubs start to dwindle, diets fade, smokers begin smoking again, and all the things that you promised you were going to do this year are no longer a reality.

It’s still not too late to push the reset button!

What are resolutions anyway?  According to the Wikipedia definition of New Year’s Resolution, it is “a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.”

The only difference between a New Year’s resolution and a normal resolution is the time of year when the commitment is made.  I’ll say it again: It’s still not too late to push the reset button!

If you have a goal in mind of something you’d like to do “someday”, now is the time to act.  You are one year older today than you were this time last year.  Next year you will be a year older than you are now.  If you could tell your 2009 self one thing you wish you started then to have a result in 2010, what would it be?  You can make that change now and have it realized for next week, month, or year (or however long a time period it’ll take).

A few suggestions:

  • Write it down and be SPECIFIC!  “Lose weight” is not a measurable goal.  But “Lose 10 lbs by July” is.  Make it measurable, something you can aim at, and make small increments along the way to see it through.
  • Tell someone else about it, or show them what you’ve written down.  Over the past 2 years, some very close friends have met with my wife and I to do exactly this.  We know throughout the whole year what the others are doing and planning on doing, and because of that we’ve seen our goals and resolutions realized more than ever before.
  • If you’re brave, write down one measurable goal you’d like to hit, and the time period you want to hit it in, and leave it in the comments section below.  Get your idea out there for this community to see and you’ll be surprised at how empowered you will be to getting it done!

Good luck, let’s get it done!!


Do you really know what it is you’re afraid of?

Some friends and I are reading through the Four Hour Workweek (re-reading for me, as I’ve read it a few times through).  In one of the chapters, the author asks the question “What is it that you are really afraid of”.

Hmmmmm…good question.

I have no idea?!  I’m just stuck in a rut!

Ever feel that way?  So many things on your mind, so many messes to take care of, that you just can’t figure out where to start?

What is it that’s standing in the way of you from being able to do what you WANT to do?

1 word – Fear.

Stepping out into the unknown for many of us is perhaps the scariest thing we could do.  However, there is a remedy – fear setting.  (If you have not bought this book yet, please click the link above and buy it.  This will make much more sense after you cover the “Defining the nightmare” chapter)

Through fear-setting and imagining, and then writing down the worst-case scenarios of many of my hair-brained schemes, many wonders have taken place.

Just the process alone of putting pen to paper (or in my case fingers to keyboard) to “brain vomit” all that scares me about possible outcomes of decisions is worth the time.  Once I actually expressed in writing what it was that I was most afraid of, it didn’t really seem that fearful anymore.  To take it a step further and to really be transparent, I showed some of my written fears to other people.  The response from them was equally incredible.  “You’re afraid of THAT?!?  Dude, that would NEVER happen to you, you’re way to smart/cool/good looking/confident/did-I-mention-smart? (Ok, I added those adjectives in, but you get the point, right?) to have any of that happen to you!” – This is also why it’s smart to surround yourself with good friends who care enough about you to BOTH uplift you and tell you the brutal, hard truth when it matters.

It’s one thing to be able to just think about what scares you, but to actually write it down takes a much deeper level of thought.  If you’ve read the book and missed this step, I challenge you to go back and take it one question at a time.  If you want help, hit me up and I will help you out with it.  Have fun scaring yourself!

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them have never happened.” – Mark Twain