Healthcare Reform – What are you drinking? (Guest Post by Amy Kauffman)

Amy Kauffman is a published author, athlete, entrepreneur, and mentor. As a blogger, she opens up her vast knowledge as a tea-aficionado each Tuesday, sharing “Tuesday Tea Time” with her readers. As part of the Healthcare Reform series, she’s here to drop some of that knowledge on us.  Enjoy! Here’s Amy:


Here we are as adults. We’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to beverages. We’ve tried hundreds of sodas, juices, wines, and coffees, and have settled into our favorites. Now you’re reading a post suggesting you can be an avid tea-drinker and still maintain your coffee-drinker status. Your brain just can’t figure this out.

It’s like this – coffee drinkers are in it for themselves; bold, brash, relying on the caffeine to pull them through another hour, another day. Tea drinkers are in it for their soul; catering to their mood, taste buds, and body temperature. Wouldn’t the marriage of the two be a perfect balance?

No apologies (or rebuttles) are needed for the coffee drinkers reading this post. Coffee is fantastic and serves a great purpose! I am in favor of coffee. However, you don’t need to be a coffee-drinker to the exclusion of tea. You can experience both, and expand your world tremendously.

Tea is more than just a beverage…

If you drink tea, you are privileged to have a plethora of antioxidants, build your immune system, strengthen your bones, increase your metabolism, lower stress hormone levels, create a calmer but more alert state of mind, drink a calorie-free beverage, reduce your risk of having a heart attack, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, cognitive impairment, flu contraction and acne. Tea drinking lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, aids in digestion, intestinal inflammation, stomach cramps, nasal de-congestion, and prevents cavities. All this in addition to being the second highest consumed beverage in the world, just after water!

Come on. Do I really need to convince you that these health benefits are essential for you?

There are hundreds of flavors of tea. This is why I believe a tea-drinker embarks on a journey of discovery with the first cup of tea. Discovery of a fine drink, many cultures, beautiful people, lovely surroundings, and discovery of self.

I’ll see you in the tea aisle on your next trip to the grocery store, or maybe in Teavana. Start your tea journey. It’s initially overwhelming, but ever enriching and enchanting. You will be very surprised by what your cup of tea holds for you.

Best wishes for your tea journey,

Amy Kauffman

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Recently, I’ve read 2 manifestos that have changed me in a very big way.

I’ve been hearing the name Chris Guillebeau from multiple friends, tweets, and blogs for a while now.  I finally took a look into what he’s about, and to say that I’m impressed would be an under statement!  I STRONGLY recommend checking out the following 2 manifestos (both free) and for taking a look at Chris’ blog – The Art of Non-Conformity.

279 Days to Overnight Success – Chronicles the story of how Chris started TAONC and also how he came to be a professional writer.  If reading this doesn’t motivate you to awaken your creativity, then your motivator must be broken!

A Brief Guide to World Domination – Asks (and helps to answer) two of the most important questions you could ask yourself: What do you really want to get out of life? and What can you offer the world that no one else can? Taking the time to read this (and answer the questions) will help to open up some of the deep thoughts that you may have been putting off, and (like 279 Days) fans the creative flame that may almost be snuffed out.

I am very blessed to have been able to read and recommend these two manifestos.  Chris is an inspiration to me to become a better writer and to really pursue some gigantic goals (such as his goal to travel to EVERY country in the world in the next 5 years). If you’re a struggling (or a wannabe, like me) artist/writer who needs a little motivation, than Chris is the guy to look to.

CHALLENGE TIME: If you’re going to read either of these, leave a comment below or send me an @message so I can hear your thoughts.  Happy reading!

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