How to Motivate Yourself to Start Working Out

It’s Finally Here!!!

Sometimes an idea can get downright scary. It stays on your mind, and you obsess over it. This has been one of those ideas. Let me explain:

Fitness?! No Way!

When it comes to physical fitness, if you’re a person who:

  • Is discouraged
  • is feeling down-trodden
  • feels embarrassedΒ to go to a gym or fitness center
  • has tried to get in shape before and failed
  • isn’t comfortable wearing “athletic” clothes
  • doesn’t really know what to do when it comes to exercise
  • doesn’t really know where or how to get started

then you’ve come to the right place!


Over the past four years, I’ve come across all different kinds of folks, interviewed a good number of them, and have experienced many of the frustrations (and now victories) that come with TRYING to get started with physical fitness.


Yes, four years. That’s a lot of time for me to stumble through mistakes and find out what DOESN’T work when it comes to motivating yourself. Hopefully, I’ve done enough of the dirty work to make sure that you don’t have to, and that you can get started on the ever-so-elusive goal of exercise.

Enough of the fluff dude…How much does it cost?

Ok, ok…You’re straight to the point. I like that in a person! Straight up, no bull, here’s the price:


Why $16.00? 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted to make sure that it was affordable for anyone and everyone who needs a little added fire to help them get started with taking their fitness seriously. That being said…
  2. I did a little research and discovered that $16.00 is the same price as my favorite pizza and wings dinner combo at the local pizza shop. If I was the type of person who had been trying to get motivated to work out and continued to fail in the past, you can bet I’d be willing to give up dinner one night to be able to afford some valuable advice that could change my perspective (and really, my life)!

What can this $16.00 investment get me?

What a great question! I’m glad you asked. First of all…it won’t make you taller, wealthier, or more attractive to the opposite sex…or will it? Hmmmmm…if you’re taking care of your health and have a bad back, exercise may help to straighten that bad-boy out and get you to stand up straight(er). Taller? YES!

If your job requires physical energy from either your body or brain (so pretty much if you get paid to do anything other than sleep), and taking care of your body will help improve your overall health, allowing you to be more productive and focused, which would lead to more money….then – Wealthier? YES!

If you would like to become more attractive to the opposite sex, there’s a number of different things you could do. (Pardon me ladies, I’m being funny and am going to direct this playful rant at the gentlemen) You could grow a manly beard, become an Old Spice Man, or you could motivate yourself to start working out (which women love a man drenched in muscles!). Hey what a great idea! More attractive to the opposite sex? YES!

All joking aside, there’s 2 goodies that come with this investment:

  1. An audio file to help pump you up as you drive, walk, or crank out amazing work at your desk.
  2. A gorgeous worksheet that can be printed out and help you with the beginning steps of making this the LAST time you “start” working out, and the first time that you take your health and fitness to the next level.

A quick rundown of the audio that comes with this guide:

3:52 – We look at the underlying (and overarching) reasons WHY we should work out.

18:56 – We define and identify the common road blocks that prevent most people who want to get started (but fail) from succeeding, and then we set ourselves up to kick the ever loving crap out of those roadblocks! (That sentence was just crying out for an exclamation point, as is this one!)

23:46 – We roll up our sleeves and get down, dirty, and practical as to how YOU can start working out (successfully) TODAY. This is also where the enthusiasm kicks into overdrive. I hope your headphones come equipped with a seat belt!

56:11 – We wrap things up with a few tips and tricks as to what the next steps are, how to find the best fitness center where you live, and where to find a good workout program to get started (and continue) with.

Sweet! Hook me up brotha!

You can pick your copy up by clicking the image below. Like the logo? Make sure you give props to my home boy David Crandall, who helped me design the logo you see below (based on a crappy drawing I scanned and sent to him on a napkin. That dude is talented!).

Add to Cart

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. Cheers to great health and getting motivated to work out!

– JC


QUICK update on my fear

Hey y’all! I’m in a bit of a rush today, but wanted to letΒ  y’all know where I’m at. So much in a rush, that I didn’t even include a picture for this post, and I’m not going to format it very much (how dare me!).

Brief update – there is still time to respond to my previous post with the questions at the end, however, I will give a little bit of a hint as to the direction I’m headed with this product coming out on Wednesday.

It’s going to be fitness-related.

And that’s all ya get! πŸ™‚

Anyways, I just wanted to quickly say “thank you” to Corey, Dan, Tim, Josh, Milt, and Joel. You guys have helped me immensely by taking action and commenting, and your work will not go in vain! You guys are awesome!

New to the party?

If you’re reading this post and are completely clueless as to what I’m talking about, click here and read up on the details. Stay tuned though, because I want you to be a part of this story as well.

Doing something that scares you is fun! I can’t wait to see how small this “giant” fear I have looks in 3 days πŸ™‚

Thanks again everybody!

– JC


Why I’m Scared to Death and Need the Help of my Entrepreneur Friends

I hate cats, but I knew that this pic would resonate with some of you…this is how I feel right now – Scurrred! (Photo via: Paolo Margari)

If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, click here to view my cutesie pic on my site.

Do one thing every day, that scares you.

Hey brothas and sistas…a little more personal post today for y’all.

I have a challenge that I’ve issued myself with the help of a friend.

I’ve decided to pick one topic that I view myself as an “expert” on, and launch a product that teaches that topic to those who need it…in SIX DAYS! Holy $#%&!

Why would I even bother to tell you this?

Because I am here to learn, and want to be transparent.

There is a group of people that right now, come to me for advice on some of this “Internet stuff”. Apparently, I know something about it that they don’t, and they want to learn from me. Cool! Let me say this next sentence for those people specifically:

I DON’T know everything. And the more I seem to learn, the less I seem to know!

Seriously, there is a hoard of people out there that know a lot more about business, social sites, WordPress, Twitter, the whole shebang. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t provide something of value.

I don’t ever want to seem like I know everything there is to know on a topic. I want to know enough to get moving, but I don’t need to know 100%. Waiting until I have everything down pat in order to move into the next big project is like waiting for every light to be green from New York to California before I set off on my road trip. It’s never going to happen!

I’ve been advising friends in need of a little extra motivation to do things like:

“Set ridiculously short deadlines and meet them, no matter what condition your project is in come deadline date.”

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

“Think outside of the box”

“Make yourself uncomfortable on purpose. Get comfortable being un-comfortable.”

After a careful self-examination, I came to one conclusion of the advice I’d been giving versus the advice I’ve been taking – Wow, have I ever been a hypocrite! It’s time to start practicing what I preach.

Ship now, fix mistakes later

So why am I telling you all this? Is it confession time for Joshy? No…Lemme ‘splain:

I want your help, and I want you to be involved in my story. We’re in this journey together, and we’re both gonna learn and have a great time messing up. And as of right now, boy do I plan on messing up! This will be great!! πŸ™‚

Here’s what I need

Let’s get down to biznazz. This coming Wednesday (9/29/2010) at 10 AM EST, I am going to be launching my very first info product, right here on your favorite website. I have a rough idea of what it is that I’m going to be launching, but I need the help of some experts – you and your band of merry friends. I need you to answer one question, which is this:

If you (as entrepreneurs, employees, or just plain humans) have something you KNOW will be good and/or beneficial for you, but have a hard time getting started, HOW and WHERE do you find the motivation to begin?

Pretty open-ended question, I know. But I want to hear your responses to the question as you interpret it. I DO have a direction I’m going with this, which I’ll reveal as Wednesday approaches.

That’s nice and cute that you want my help Josh, but what’s in it for me?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s what I got…I’m going to be launching this product, for a relatively low amount (probably somewhere in the range of $10-$15. I can’t make my millions right out of the gate, then everybody would be stealing my ideas πŸ™‚ ). Give me your answers below in the comments to my question, and you’ll snag a free copy of my product on launch day. Lemme say that again – A FREE ($$$) COPY OF MY PRODUCT ON LAUNCH DAY.

However, there is a bit of a catch to it…I like randomness, so (thanks to Matt Koenig for the idea on this one) I’m going to be selecting winners at random (seriously at random…maybe with 1 or 2 picked based upon superior answers, but NO MORE than that), and I will only be giving away 5 copies for free.

Before I sign off…

Lemme give a quick recap: Product launch…fear…need help…question…answer in comments….5 free copies of product….random….fun had by all. Got it? Great!

Just in case you wanted it again, I’ll post the question one more time after I give y’all a toast for being the best freakin readers on earth,


– JC

If you (as entrepreneurs, employees, or just plain humans) have something you KNOW will be good and/or beneficial for you, but have a hard time getting started, HOW and WHERE do you find the motivation to begin?



Are you thankful?

Sometime around day 2 of my “Twitzkrieg” blast, I wanted to give up.

What is a “Twitzkrieg”?

The idea for a “Twitzkrieg” came from an idea that Sean Ogle had on his blog, Location 180. The idea was that he was going to thank each and every single person he followed on Twitter. He was going to thank them for the things that he’d learned from them, and also for their relationship and influence in his life. I thought this was a great idea, so I decided to capitalize on it. Thus came the Twitzkrieg.

I chose that word by combining the two words Twitter + Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg of course being the German word meaning “lightning war”. In WWII the German army would move upon their enemies via a blitzkrieg. There was a large amount of action in a short amount of time. I knew that if I was going to do this mass-thank-you, I didn’t want to take a month to do it. So I decided to “Twitzkrieg” it. I used the hashtag #TK to identify every tweet that was unique to this blast of thank yous, to distinguish from my normal Twitter communication.


With roughly 250 individual #TK tweets in just a week and a half, I felt overwhelmed at times. Although it’s only 140ish characters at a time, I wanted each one to be unique to the person who I was sending it to, not some “hey thanks for being such a great person”. To write a personal note like that takes time. Here’s what I did:

  1. If the person was someone I follow and comment on regularly, it was quite easy, because they knew this was coming already.
  2. If it was somebody who is influential, but really doesn’t know who I am, it was still kind of easy, because I still pay a great deal of attention to what they are saying online.
  3. If it was somebody who had influenced me at one point, but we hadn’t talked in a while, that’s where the real work came in.
  4. And if it was somebody who I ended up following a while ago, but neither of us really interacted at all, they got the boot (not because I’m not thankful, but because they were a large entity who didn’t usually respond to anyone. I wanted this to be personal, which means there had to be potential for the conversation to go both ways).

How being a stalker and a detective helped me rekindle old relationships

Let me pause for a moment to enjoy how epic that paragraph title is. <pause> Wow…ok back to the topic at hand…

So back to the third bullet point above for a minute. The real work I’m referring to is the process of getting into their world, a.k.a. opening up the door to their digital home and welcoming myself in for a bit.

If they had a blog, I went through and read some of the popular and recent posts.

I went back a week or so and saw who they were tweeting and what they were tweeting about.

If there was a Facebook Fan page, I went there too.

Bottom line – I did my homework on these “old” friends of mine. That way, when it came time to #TK them, I had something valuable to say. The interesting thing is that I actually learned more from these people when I went back and did my “stalker” homework on them, and for that I am even more grateful.

What I learned from overloading Twitter’s servers for a week

There are quite a few things I learned, and these are in no particular order:

  • Tweetdeck, and the ability to schedule tweets, is incredible. This program saved me oodles of time, allowing me to batch the majority of my “thank yous” and send them out throughout the day.
  • The Customer Love challenge issued by LaVonne Ellis and David Crandall, and the idea to thank every person that I follow on Twitter given by Sean Ogle, was a great idea! No…it wasn’t just a great idea, it was a great FRIGGIN’ idea!
  • People like seeing and hearing their own name. I should’ve caught on to this one sooner, but calling somebody by their name that there mama and papa gave ’em means a LOT!

However…maybe the most important thing I learned through all of this, was hustle.

There were quite a few times that I wanted to give up and just stop typing all this madness. (I know the people who get mobile updates of my tweets would’ve greatly appreciated this!) Every time this feeling came along, there’s one thing that kept me going.

Being thankful.

Remembering all that I’ve learned from these great people over the last year and a half kept me going. Would I get noticed by them and have them @ mention me? Maybe. Would I get increased traffic to my blog? Yeah, probably. Would I make any money off of this? Not likely.


It’s still worth it! A gift is something that’s given without expecting anything in return, otherwise it’s really not a gift (which is why the way we celebrate Christmas in America drives me nuts. They’re not really “gifts”, they’re just packaged stuff that we exchange). The #TK tweets were my gift to the people I’ve learned from, and I will continue to give these gifts, not just during the #customerlove challenge, but throughout the rest of the year.

You never really know who needs some encouragement.


Header image: vernhart

Being Influenced Intentionally while having a Seriously Fun time with some Heroes fulfilling their Destiny – aka a “Crandemonium”

What a blast!

At the time of this writing, it is Thursday and I think I may have finally recovered from our adventurous trip to New York City to meet up with David Crandall and Tim Morris (and their wives). Google Earth estimates that round trip, the three of us traveled a combined 3,468 miles approximately.

The deep stuff first, and then the fun stuff second.

I love these guys. Plain and simple. When someone has had a significant impact on your life, you tend to get wrapped up into who they are, what they’re doing, because you know they care. I wasn’t heading to NYC to meet up with a business partner (Tim), and I wasn’t heading there to meet up with a new friend for the first time (David). I was heading there to spend time with my brothers, to spend time with two guys who have invested part of their lives into me.

Why would they do such a thing?

I really have no idea.

But they did, and they still do.


(I just re-read everything I’ve written from the top down from here and saw that I just wrote “man-love”. I hope to get some funny comments on the use of that phrase, so I’m keeping it. Ok, lemme be serious again for a minute…) In a few days, I’ll post a little Animoto-fueled music video chronicling our little adventure in the Big Apple, but let me share two pretty cool details about our trip. There were a TON of memories made, most of them incredibly hilarious. There were also some very serious (but not like scary-serious…we still had fun, it was just deep stuff) moments that I won’t soon forget as well. Two highlights:

  • When Tim and I both met David for the first time Wednesday, there was a lot of dude-hugging going on. Usually, the typical man-hug only involves a quick pat on the back, and then a “get the eff away from me” shove back to a comfortable distance. Not with us. There were a few manly lifts off of the ground, and a lot of love. I think about the Scots in Braveheart showing affection much like this. Very manly. Totally acceptable. What I’m trying to say is this – I love these dudes, and I want them to remember it. This comes easy to women, so I’m only going to address this next question (that needs no audible or written response) to the guys – Do you have another man in your life – be it a father, brother, son, or friend – that you can share deep thoughts, be accountable to, and just have fun with like these guys? If not, something’s wrong…because us dudes need to have other dudes in our corner. Guys who have our back, who have our best interests in mind. I was overjoyed to spend Wednesday with two guys who do exactly that.
  • Before I went back upstate, Tim went back to PA, and David went back to his hotel, we did something that’s not talked about much in our online circle of friends. We prayed. You see, the three of us are Christians, believing that Jesus Christ was exactly who the Bible said He was, and that He did exactly what the Bible said He did (and will do). Praying together brought a whole new facet of our close and growing friendship to the trip, and something that the three of us were very encouraged by. Bottom line – it was incredible to pray with these two men!

What was equally just as cool was to watch these guys interact with their wives, and also to see the wives interact with one another. By the time we sat down for dinner (which lasted about 3 hours – 4HWW style baby!), it was like the six of us had always been friends. Very cool!

Now for the fun stuff!

Yes, we did have some serious stuff that we did and talked about…but we also had FUN! Don’t forget however, that the two of them are not far from one another, and can OFTEN be intertwined (much like they were on this trip). C’mon…the site IS called “Taking Fun Seriously”, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ So on to the videos…There will be more to come of this, but first I wanted to give some of the shout-outs like I promised in the previous post (thanks Joel Runyon for the idea from your London trip!).

I apologize in advance for the crappy sound quality. Somewhere in the last 3 months my camera’s microphone started to perform badly. I’ll post a Paypal donation button below for anyone wishing to give to the “Josh needs a new camera so he can better document meet ups like this and post them online for all adoring fans to see” fund. πŸ™‚

Without further adieu, here is the first batch of vids:

Our first video shout out goes to Mr. Matt Koenig, who requested that we give him a holler from Radio City Music Hall. Cheers Matt!

Next comes a shout out to Mr. Joel Runyon himself, aka “The Most Interesting Man in the World“. Joel, I’m sorry, but we weren’t able to make it to the requested Statue of Liberty. However, we did manage to have an interesting conversation on the subway on our way to Wall Street. I think you’ll understand the significance of the topic at hand, and realize that this is the most Joel Runyon-esque thing we could talk about πŸ™‚

Our third shout out goes to a mysterious tweeter known only as poco5k. He is a financial guy that requested we give him a shout out by the Bull located near the NYSE. Since no one knows his real name (as he is also a very interesting man), I will refer to him on here as “Roach”.

The fourth video is a fun game of real-life “Where’s Waldo” that we played in Grand Central Station. This was a great time!

Finally, this short film documents a typical moment during our stay in NYC. Yes, this is really the kind of stuff we did all day πŸ™‚

And for those wishing to donate for a new camera (I was halfway joking, halfway serious πŸ™‚ ), here is the button to click to do that.


– JC


You never know…

…Who is listening. Who is watching. Who is paying attention.

People amaze me.

Fascinating creatures, they are. Some of life’s greatest joys come from other people. Ironically, some of life’s greatest disappointments also come from other people as well. However, in my experience, the good FAR outweighs the bad! This is not a mistake, but something that I believe has been brought about intentionally.

I’m so excited!

Because tomorrow, I get to meet someone very important to me, for the first time face to face.

David Crandall has been my friend for a little under a year now. It’s kind of serendipitous as to how we came to know each other. As a matter of fact, I believe the introduction looked something like this:

(NOTE: I changed my Twitter name a while back to make it easier for folks to find me)

Wow, did you see that? A match made in Heaven! Who ever would’ve thought that “Has anyone used yet? Your thoughts?” would actually translate into “Hey, I’m scouring the Internet looking for a like-minded individual who will hopefully become a very close friend that I can bounce ideas off of, encourage, be encouraged by, and travel the terrifying journey of transitioning from “template life” into lifestyle design with.”

And who would’ve thought that “I downloaded it at home and it is good. Prefer Google Docs though for most stuff. OpenOffice has more functionality though” would actually translate into “Why yes you fine gentleman, I am the man who will answer that call. Let us now build one another up and keep each other focused on the goal, and we shall ride unicorns and monster trucks into the sunset!” – I know I sure didn’t think that!

But that’s what happened, and here we are, some 9ish months later, and I’m finally getting to meet this wonderful dude.

“Wait…you mean you’ve never ACTUALLY met him?”


We’ve never actually met in person.

Living Proof

I wondered for the longest time prior to beginning my online journey some 14 months ago, if it were possible to build real relationships with people online. Tomorrow (9/15/2010), I get to prove that true in royal fashion.

But I’m not going alone…

It wouldn’t be true Crandemonium without bringing a friend along, now would it? My partner in crime Tim Morris from Intentional Influence will be bringing his wife and will be joining me (and my wife) to show the Crandalls how us East Coast people like to partaayyy! It’s gonna be bananas! Video cameras will be present to capture all the magic as it happens, and you can be sure that at some point, there will be a threefold post chronicling this momentous event. As a matter of fact, if you comment below and tell us what you want to see, we’ll give you a shout out (Joel Runyon style) on our video postcard from NYC!

Ok Josh, enough about you, let’s talk about me!

So what does this all have to do with you? A lot!

As the ongoing #customerlove challenge is still ongoing, there’s an important lesson that can be learned from the above story of how I met a great friend. And that is this: You never know who you’re going to impact with your every day gifts.

“Every day gifts” – What does that mean?

It means that every day you get out of bed, you have the ability to give a gift to someone. You may know some of those people, but others you may never know. You also never know just how far that gift will go. In my case, it was a very simple answer to a question, that has thus far led to a very close relationship with a very special person. That lady at the post office who is having a crappy day may just turn her entire attitude around when she sees you smile. The guy at the grocery store who can’t seem to find where the baby Tylenol is (quite often I’m that guy) may find tremendous joy in you taking 2 minutes to show him where it is. The lonely wannabe entrepreneur online may just befriend you for life if you answer a simple question about something that you have knowledge in. You never know…

Cheers (soon) from NYC!

– JC

P.S. – Don’t forget to comment so Tim, David, and I can show you the love from the Big Apple tomorrow! πŸ™‚


Header Image Credit: Dimitri N.