You never know…

…Who is listening. Who is watching. Who is paying attention.

People amaze me.

Fascinating creatures, they are. Some of life’s greatest joys come from other people. Ironically, some of life’s greatest disappointments also come from other people as well. However, in my experience, the good FAR outweighs the bad! This is not a mistake, but something that I believe has been brought about intentionally.

I’m so excited!

Because tomorrow, I get to meet someone very important to me, for the first time face to face.

David Crandall has been my friend for a little under a year now. It’s kind of serendipitous as to how we came to know each other. As a matter of fact, I believe the introduction looked something like this:

(NOTE: I changed my Twitter name a while back to make it easier for folks to find me)

Wow, did you see that? A match made in Heaven! Who ever would’ve thought that “Has anyone used yet? Your thoughts?” would actually translate into “Hey, I’m scouring the Internet looking for a like-minded individual who will hopefully become a very close friend that I can bounce ideas off of, encourage, be encouraged by, and travel the terrifying journey of transitioning from “template life” into lifestyle design with.”

And who would’ve thought that “I downloaded it at home and it is good. Prefer Google Docs though for most stuff. OpenOffice has more functionality though” would actually translate into “Why yes you fine gentleman, I am the man who will answer that call. Let us now build one another up and keep each other focused on the goal, and we shall ride unicorns and monster trucks into the sunset!” – I know I sure didn’t think that!

But that’s what happened, and here we are, some 9ish months later, and I’m finally getting to meet this wonderful dude.

“Wait…you mean you’ve never ACTUALLY met him?”


We’ve never actually met in person.

Living Proof

I wondered for the longest time prior to beginning my online journey some 14 months ago, if it were possible to build real relationships with people online. Tomorrow (9/15/2010), I get to prove that true in royal fashion.

But I’m not going alone…

It wouldn’t be true Crandemonium without bringing a friend along, now would it? My partner in crime Tim Morris from Intentional Influence will be bringing his wife and will be joining me (and my wife) to show the Crandalls how us East Coast people like to partaayyy! It’s gonna be bananas! Video cameras will be present to capture all the magic as it happens, and you can be sure that at some point, there will be a threefold post chronicling this momentous event. As a matter of fact, if you comment below and tell us what you want to see, we’ll give you a shout out (Joel Runyon style) on our video postcard from NYC!

Ok Josh, enough about you, let’s talk about me!

So what does this all have to do with you? A lot!

As the ongoing #customerlove challenge is still ongoing, there’s an important lesson that can be learned from the above story of how I met a great friend. And that is this: You never know who you’re going to impact with your every day gifts.

“Every day gifts” – What does that mean?

It means that every day you get out of bed, you have the ability to give a gift to someone. You may know some of those people, but others you may never know. You also never know just how far that gift will go. In my case, it was a very simple answer to a question, that has thus far led to a very close relationship with a very special person. That lady at the post office who is having a crappy day may just turn her entire attitude around when she sees you smile. The guy at the grocery store who can’t seem to find where the baby Tylenol is (quite often I’m that guy) may find tremendous joy in you taking 2 minutes to show him where it is. The lonely wannabe entrepreneur online may just befriend you for life if you answer a simple question about something that you have knowledge in. You never know…

Cheers (soon) from NYC!

– JC

P.S. – Don’t forget to comment so Tim, David, and I can show you the love from the Big Apple tomorrow! 🙂


Header Image Credit: Dimitri N.

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