Being Influenced Intentionally while having a Seriously Fun time with some Heroes fulfilling their Destiny – aka a “Crandemonium”

What a blast!

At the time of this writing, it is Thursday and I think I may have finally recovered from our adventurous trip to New York City to meet up with David Crandall and Tim Morris (and their wives). Google Earth estimates that round trip, the three of us traveled a combined 3,468 miles approximately.

The deep stuff first, and then the fun stuff second.

I love these guys. Plain and simple. When someone has had a significant impact on your life, you tend to get wrapped up into who they are, what they’re doing, because you know they care. I wasn’t heading to NYC to meet up with a business partner (Tim), and I wasn’t heading there to meet up with a new friend for the first time (David). I was heading there to spend time with my brothers, to spend time with two guys who have invested part of their lives into me.

Why would they do such a thing?

I really have no idea.

But they did, and they still do.


(I just re-read everything I’ve written from the top down from here and saw that I just wrote “man-love”. I hope to get some funny comments on the use of that phrase, so I’m keeping it. Ok, lemme be serious again for a minute…) In a few days, I’ll post a little Animoto-fueled music video chronicling our little adventure in the Big Apple, but let me share two pretty cool details about our trip. There were a TON of memories made, most of them incredibly hilarious. There were also some very serious (but not like scary-serious…we still had fun, it was just deep stuff) moments that I won’t soon forget as well. Two highlights:

  • When Tim and I both met David for the first time Wednesday, there was a lot of dude-hugging going on. Usually, the typical man-hug only involves a quick pat on the back, and then a “get the eff away from me” shove back to a comfortable distance. Not with us. There were a few manly lifts off of the ground, and a lot of love. I think about the Scots in Braveheart showing affection much like this. Very manly. Totally acceptable. What I’m trying to say is this – I love these dudes, and I want them to remember it. This comes easy to women, so I’m only going to address this next question (that needs no audible or written response) to the guys – Do you have another man in your life – be it a father, brother, son, or friend – that you can share deep thoughts, be accountable to, and just have fun with like these guys? If not, something’s wrong…because us dudes need to have other dudes in our corner. Guys who have our back, who have our best interests in mind. I was overjoyed to spend Wednesday with two guys who do exactly that.
  • Before I went back upstate, Tim went back to PA, and David went back to his hotel, we did something that’s not talked about much in our online circle of friends. We prayed. You see, the three of us are Christians, believing that Jesus Christ was exactly who the Bible said He was, and that He did exactly what the Bible said He did (and will do). Praying together brought a whole new facet of our close and growing friendship to the trip, and something that the three of us were very encouraged by. Bottom line – it was incredible to pray with these two men!

What was equally just as cool was to watch these guys interact with their wives, and also to see the wives interact with one another. By the time we sat down for dinner (which lasted about 3 hours – 4HWW style baby!), it was like the six of us had always been friends. Very cool!

Now for the fun stuff!

Yes, we did have some serious stuff that we did and talked about…but we also had FUN! Don’t forget however, that the two of them are not far from one another, and can OFTEN be intertwined (much like they were on this trip). C’mon…the site IS called “Taking Fun Seriously”, isn’t it? 🙂 So on to the videos…There will be more to come of this, but first I wanted to give some of the shout-outs like I promised in the previous post (thanks Joel Runyon for the idea from your London trip!).

I apologize in advance for the crappy sound quality. Somewhere in the last 3 months my camera’s microphone started to perform badly. I’ll post a Paypal donation button below for anyone wishing to give to the “Josh needs a new camera so he can better document meet ups like this and post them online for all adoring fans to see” fund. 🙂

Without further adieu, here is the first batch of vids:

Our first video shout out goes to Mr. Matt Koenig, who requested that we give him a holler from Radio City Music Hall. Cheers Matt!

Next comes a shout out to Mr. Joel Runyon himself, aka “The Most Interesting Man in the World“. Joel, I’m sorry, but we weren’t able to make it to the requested Statue of Liberty. However, we did manage to have an interesting conversation on the subway on our way to Wall Street. I think you’ll understand the significance of the topic at hand, and realize that this is the most Joel Runyon-esque thing we could talk about 🙂

Our third shout out goes to a mysterious tweeter known only as poco5k. He is a financial guy that requested we give him a shout out by the Bull located near the NYSE. Since no one knows his real name (as he is also a very interesting man), I will refer to him on here as “Roach”.

The fourth video is a fun game of real-life “Where’s Waldo” that we played in Grand Central Station. This was a great time!

Finally, this short film documents a typical moment during our stay in NYC. Yes, this is really the kind of stuff we did all day 🙂

And for those wishing to donate for a new camera (I was halfway joking, halfway serious 🙂 ), here is the button to click to do that.


– JC


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