Why I’m Scared to Death and Need the Help of my Entrepreneur Friends

I hate cats, but I knew that this pic would resonate with some of you…this is how I feel right now – Scurrred! (Photo via: Paolo Margari)

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Do one thing every day, that scares you.

Hey brothas and sistas…a little more personal post today for y’all.

I have a challenge that I’ve issued myself with the help of a friend.

I’ve decided to pick one topic that I view myself as an “expert” on, and launch a product that teaches that topic to those who need it…in SIX DAYS! Holy $#%&!

Why would I even bother to tell you this?

Because I am here to learn, and want to be transparent.

There is a group of people that right now, come to me for advice on some of this “Internet stuff”. Apparently, I know something about it that they don’t, and they want to learn from me. Cool! Let me say this next sentence for those people specifically:

I DON’T know everything. And the more I seem to learn, the less I seem to know!

Seriously, there is a hoard of people out there that know a lot more about business, social sites, WordPress, Twitter, the whole shebang. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t provide something of value.

I don’t ever want to seem like I know everything there is to know on a topic. I want to know enough to get moving, but I don’t need to know 100%. Waiting until I have everything down pat in order to move into the next big project is like waiting for every light to be green from New York to California before I set off on my road trip. It’s never going to happen!

I’ve been advising friends in need of a little extra motivation to do things like:

“Set ridiculously short deadlines and meet them, no matter what condition your project is in come deadline date.”

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

“Think outside of the box”

“Make yourself uncomfortable on purpose. Get comfortable being un-comfortable.”

After a careful self-examination, I came to one conclusion of the advice I’d been giving versus the advice I’ve been taking – Wow, have I ever been a hypocrite! It’s time to start practicing what I preach.

Ship now, fix mistakes later

So why am I telling you all this? Is it confession time for Joshy? No…Lemme ‘splain:

I want your help, and I want you to be involved in my story. We’re in this journey together, and we’re both gonna learn and have a great time messing up. And as of right now, boy do I plan on messing up! This will be great!! 🙂

Here’s what I need

Let’s get down to biznazz. This coming Wednesday (9/29/2010) at 10 AM EST, I am going to be launching my very first info product, right here on your favorite website. I have a rough idea of what it is that I’m going to be launching, but I need the help of some experts – you and your band of merry friends. I need you to answer one question, which is this:

If you (as entrepreneurs, employees, or just plain humans) have something you KNOW will be good and/or beneficial for you, but have a hard time getting started, HOW and WHERE do you find the motivation to begin?

Pretty open-ended question, I know. But I want to hear your responses to the question as you interpret it. I DO have a direction I’m going with this, which I’ll reveal as Wednesday approaches.

That’s nice and cute that you want my help Josh, but what’s in it for me?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s what I got…I’m going to be launching this product, for a relatively low amount (probably somewhere in the range of $10-$15. I can’t make my millions right out of the gate, then everybody would be stealing my ideas 🙂 ). Give me your answers below in the comments to my question, and you’ll snag a free copy of my product on launch day. Lemme say that again – A FREE ($$$) COPY OF MY PRODUCT ON LAUNCH DAY.

However, there is a bit of a catch to it…I like randomness, so (thanks to Matt Koenig for the idea on this one) I’m going to be selecting winners at random (seriously at random…maybe with 1 or 2 picked based upon superior answers, but NO MORE than that), and I will only be giving away 5 copies for free.

Before I sign off…

Lemme give a quick recap: Product launch…fear…need help…question…answer in comments….5 free copies of product….random….fun had by all. Got it? Great!

Just in case you wanted it again, I’ll post the question one more time after I give y’all a toast for being the best freakin readers on earth,


– JC

If you (as entrepreneurs, employees, or just plain humans) have something you KNOW will be good and/or beneficial for you, but have a hard time getting started, HOW and WHERE do you find the motivation to begin?


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