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Various Fun Phraseology

I’ve been known to make up a few phrases here and there that find their way into everyday speak. I’ll just share some of them, and continue to add to them in the future.

  • Backne” (Bak-Nee) n. Acne that forms on the back or backside of a person
  • Crandemonium” (Cran-de-mown-nee-um) n. Any online event, conversation, or feather-ruffling brought upon by David Crandall
  • Sweatpantrepreneur” (Swet-pant-tre-pren-euoor) n. Since I work remotely (and often from home), the most comfortable pants I like to wear are my basketball sweatpants from college. Entrepreneur + sweatpants = Sweatpantrepreneur…Brilliant!
  • Twitzkrieg” (Twits-creeg) n. The event that began on August, 31st 2010 where I Twitter blasted all of the people I follow on Twitter individually to thank them for all that they do, especially all that I’ve learned from them over the past year. This word also became a verb once others started doing this as well to all of the people they follow. Twitzkrieg the verb means the act of thanking people you follow using the hashtag #TK within the tweet. Try it sometime, you’ll love it!
  • Yaga” (pronounced like “gaga”, as in “Lady Gaga”, but spoken quickly and high-pitched) noun, verb, adjective, adverb. This is my grand golden-child of all words. It’s my baby. However, although I cannot claim full creation of this word (it was borrowed from a friend), I can claim full innovation and integration of this word into every day speech. It can really come to mean anything, but the most basic comparison-words/phrases could be “amen”, “yes!” (as in, a very excited yes), or “I am in full agreement”. Chat with me for a few minutes on Skype and you’re bound to hear it. Look for this one to be used frequently, and spread it around as often as ye would like!

Quick action point

I’ll leave on a question: What crazy words do you use as your own that you think need to be brought into this dictionary? Leave it in the comments, and the best one will receive a special prize! (as yet to be determined). Also, I still need some feedback from y’all as to what we should all call ourselves here at TFS Fan-Central. So far the best idea comes from Josh Buisch (pronounced “bish”, which rhymes with “wish”) at with “Yagatians”. Let’s hear some creativity!

Cheers, ye lads and lasses!

– JC



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