A Change of Environment

Here’s a shot from my recent workshop I gave on fitness.

Short and Sweet

That’s what today’s post will be.

I’m in between some big (and fun) projects at the moment, but wanted to share a brief thought with you…

Hitting the wall

Sometimes during bouts of creativity, the creative juices stop flowing. This can be referred to as “writer’s block”, “creative drought”, or “hitting the wall” (my favorite). When these moments come, change is needed.

For my wifey and I, one of the biggest and best sources of rejuvenation we can find comes from traveling. Be it a road trip, a flight, or even a short drive into our local city. It gets us out of our working environment (the house) and lets us do a number of different things: See some sunlight, meet some new people, see new sights.

Often this change in environment gives the mental cleansing that helps us remove stress, get over mental barriers, and allows us to take a “30,000 foot view” of our problems and goals. It’s very refreshing and fun!

Try it some time! 🙂


– JC


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