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I’d like to share another goodie I’ve come across lately. For my Wu-Tang Clan of dedicated readers, don’t worry, I’ll be pumping out some good content for y’all soon. I just wanted to have a professional share something I’ve been trying to communicate to quite a few peeps lately. He can say it better than I can. So…………

Welcome Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media pro. To even call him that gives him a disservice. He is at the very tip of the sword when it comes to identifying where our current web/social/business realm is, and is headed. His best selling book Crush It! was one of the best books I read in 2009, and I continue to look back to it often for reference concerning this blog and my business.

His upcoming book, The Thank You Economy talks about the “humanization” of business and how we are living in a time period where brands that are truly successful are those with a personality. There is a lot more to this concept which Gary will share, and when this book comes out, I STRONGLY recommend it! As a social marketing consultant, this concept stands out to me every single day as I meet with different companies and different personalities.

Enough jibber jabber, let’s hear Gary!

I’ll say this as a disclaimer: if cursing upsets or offends you, don’t bother watching this video. I’m serious. Gary is a very passionate “East Coast guy with an East Coast flavor” as he puts it. His keynote speeches involve quite a good bit of cursing. If you can stomach the cursing and listen to what he has to say, you may find some serious nuggets of wisdom as I have. Enjoy!

(By the way, I’ve left a little “personal” note for those who are regular readers at the bottom. If this is your first time, don’t worry about checking it out. Just enjoy Gary and we’ll catch up soon 😎 )


– JC

Odds and Ends – I’ve chatted with a few of you about the idea of having 2 separate blogs: 1 for business and 1 for personal.

I like to keep things central, and anybody that’s talked with me over the phone or face to face knows that my business is personal. So I don’t mean to confuse people by sharing all these somewhat “random” thoughts. Taking Fun Seriously is not only a brand name, but an ideal I hold to, and one that can permeate (wow, great word!) all areas of life. In other words, I’m the same dude in my living room that I am in the board room, that I am on the basketball court, that I am in someone else’s home.

John Maxwell shared a fired-up quote with me once in one of his books (this is paraphrased): “When you do what you love, you never really end up having to ‘work’ again. Your work becomes your play.”

So who’s ready to have some fun? 🙂


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