Mondays – Dread them? Or Charge Into Them Like a Mad Man (or woman)?

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What’s your take on Mondays?

When you woke up today, were you dreading going to work? Did you roll out of bed at the last possible second, wishing that the weekend could’ve lasted longer? Thinking of all the things you didn’t want to do today, or wishing for all those phone calls that you didn’t want to make to magically disappear?

Or did you wake up excited, ready to grab this Monday by the gonadulums (may have to add that word to the dictionary) and see what new challenges could be conquered?


You can tell a good bit about a person’s ambitions (or lack thereof) by how they view Mondays. The same could be said also about their weekends, but Mondays usually are the best indicator.

If their Sunday nights/Monday mornings are usually filled with doubt, complaints, grumbling, moaning, hellfire and brimstone (maybe a bit of an exaggeration on that one), it’s a good indicator that they really don’t enjoy what they’re doing.

On the flip side, somebody who wakes up on a Monday just as excited as they wake up on a Saturday usually is a mover and a shaker. This isn’t a “you should quit your job and come bask in the sunshine of liberty” type of post, but typically the type of people that take Mondays with this approach are entrepreneurs. If not entrepreneurs, than people that have really gotten involved into a work (notice I didn’t necessarily say “job”) that they enjoy. It’s fulfilling. It’s worth something to them. It’s exciting.

Just a simple question

“Chase your passion, not your pension” – Dennis Waitley

My good home dawg Bruce (remember him from this post? Again, that’s not his real name) uses this quote as his email signature. I like it. It’s a good reminder to be involved in things greater than just a few trinkets.

Again, I’m not trying to be some lame holier-than-thou type and imply that wanting to make money is a bad thing, or that being an employee is a bad thing either. Neither of these are true. But here’s a good question to guage your view on Mondays:

If you weren’t getting paid to do what you do, what would you be doing?

I’m gonna leave it at that. More to come in a few days! Now, some fun videos for your enjoyment 🙂

A little motivation

I don’t know about you guys, but music really helps to fire me up. Sometimes aided with a little  bit of well-timed caffeine, a good song can make the creative juices flow like Niagara Falls. So I’d like to give you a few songs and videos that have helped me get the wheels turning, and help to keep the big picture in mind. Enjoy!

As you may see, I like a little piano music. If you haven’t gotten a Grooveshark account yet (it’s free), check it out and feel free to add these songs to your playlist.

And finally, for some odd reason (maybe the travel-aspect?), I watch this video anytime I need a jump start to plan and do amazing things. It’s kinda like a shot of adrenaline for me. 🙂


– JC



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