My friends, I have not forgotten about you

Greetings(!) from:


NY’s Adirondack Mountains:



The Bahamas:

(You may not be able to tell, but I’m rocking my sexy NerdFitness shirt in the above pic)

West Point, NY:

The great city of Rochester:

And California (again):

My friends, I have not forgotten about you.

Sometimes life can get a little crazy. I’m not here to give some type of apology for not writing for so long. It’s just been crazy. I have been reading some great books lately, seen some amazing places, and built some great memories.

Memories are made sweeter by sharing them with others.

I’ll be pumping out some videos soon to chronicle the past few months’ adventures. Until then, you can check out my photo stream of random fun here.

Talk to y’all soon. Much love from Cali,

– JC


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