It’s all about learning

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Get Motivated seminar in Rochester.


My mind has been blown

Listening to Rudy Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw, Gen. Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, and others was incredible. Simply incredible!

On my way walking from the car to the arena, I passed by Rochester’s public library and snapped this little pic:

Inscribed to the left of those massive pillars are written these words:

“Education is more than preparation for life. It is life itself.”

Stop and think about that for just a second.

The mark of successful people

I loved the seminar, because there was a speaker for every different walk of life, income leve, personality type. You name it, they had it. Some people loved one speaker, while others couldn’t stand them, and vice-versa.

One common attribute of every speaker however, was that they all talked about continuing to learn, continuing to educate themselves.

What would cause people to want to keep learning if, in the eyes of many that we rub shoulders with, they seem to have already “made it”?

Unless life is more than just “making it”.

What if the above quote is really true? How does that shape the way that you think? That I think?

Maybe a change in direction?

I’ve thought for a while if “Taking Fun Seriously” is really the mantra that I want to have these written thoughts known by. Is that me? Is that you? Short answer, yes. But maybe to take things a little deeper, one thing I have finally realized that I want to be known for (and hopefully you do too), is that at the end of our lives, we could be known as eternal students.

Always learning and teaching, always amazed by the journey.

Now that’s taking fun, and life seriously!


– JC

(for some blurry Instagram shots of the speakers that I snapped between notes during the conference, click here)

Photo credit: “Books” by henrybloomfield