Getting Things Done and Looking Dumb

Greetings peeps!

Today will be a quick post.

Like, super quick.

Currently Reading

If you’ve been here lately and seen the right-hand side of this page, you may have spotted this image:

Always wanting to keep on top of new books, I decided to throw that little widget up there to let you good folks know what I’m mentally digesting as of late.

Getting Things Done

While I’m not yet finished with the book (about another day to go at the time of this writing), David Allen’s Getting Things DoneΒ is working wonders in my daily life. I first heard about GTD through Dan & Ian’s podcast many, many moons ago. Ironically, I procrastinated in reading this book, and am now kicking my past self for waiting so long to read it.


There will be more to come soon on this book, including how I’m implementing what’s taught into a (mostly) digital life. Until then, go grab the book if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet!

Looking dumb for the sake of the team

The Tough Mudder is coming.

As one of my 2012 goals, I’m running in one of these delightful adventure races this year. The team has finally assembled, and training has begun.

I’m also running my first triathlon this year. Mr. Impossible laid out the challenge, and I accepted. (By the way, The Impossible Tri training program is almost here. If you’re interested in running your first triathlon semi-with me, check it out here)

To prove to my Tough Mudder teammates that I haven’t been slacking, and also to give the world (yet another) chance to see me looking stupid, I give you my most recent training video. Don’t laugh (too hard) πŸ™‚

I’ll check back with you guys soon πŸ™‚

– JC