Weekly Roundup (the first of potentially many)!

Greetings Earthlings!

While in the midst of multiple projects, I thought it’d be fun to do a little weekly round-up.

This will be a summary of some of the things I’ve come across on the web this week, with mild commentary, that I’ve found funny, interesting, or just plain cool.

A special mention to refreshing my memory for this week needs to go to Patchlife. They’re a pretty cool social-archive site, that combines all the networks you allow into a sort-of scrapbook of all that you’ve posted online. Their tag line – Sign up and refresh your memory. Pretty cool!

(Oh, before we begin, for all my hundreds [kidding] of FTC readers, this post does include at least one few affiliate link, which will be appropriately identified)

Here we goooooo!

Cool – New Blogcastfm site and LOOK magazine

The Batman and Robin of the Internet (I’ll let them decide who is who in that tandem), David Crandall and Srini Rao have unleashed their gorgeous new website this week, along with the first of many issues of LOOK Magazine. I’ll admit with no apologies, that LOOK was the first online magazine that I read from start to finish (You can’t really say, “cover to cover”, can you?). It’s gorgeous, and loaded with good info! My favorite article: “Getting Physical in the Digital Space. Check it!

Engaging – The Hunger Games series

The hype surrounding these books became so loud to me this month that I finally gave in and downloaded book one of The Hunger Games on my Kindle 2 weeks ago. 9 days later, I finished the 3rd book in the series.

It’s that good.

I won’t go into any more details about the book. If you have an e-reader, at the very least, download the first chapter to see what all the hype is about. Not into reading? Don’t worry, the MOVIE is coming out soon. Here’s the trailer:

Cool – Tough Mudder is coming to my neck of the woods!

I was excited to see an email from Tough Mudder this week letting me know that they’ll be having a venue in my city next year. Who’s ready to run it with me?

Funny – Guy on a Buffalo

WARNING: This is pure Internet stupidity. It will probably catch on, like the Trolololo guy did, but regardless, idiots like me find this stuff funny.

Special thanks to @jkunynghame for letting me know about this one.

For more Guy on a Buffalo hilarity, check out the band’s sub-website here.

Cool, and Funny – Dollarshaveclub.com

I’ll let Mike do the talking first:

What a great friggin’ idea!

As a guy who shaves every day, and pays a gazillion dollars for razors every month (at least when I remember to buy them), this product is a great idea. Not only that, but this is the first time that a single video had me sold. I was clicking through to the website and signing up for their $6 razor subscription as soon as the video was over.

Their website is pretty dang funny too.

So let’s review: Great product, hilarious marketing, ingenious website design (which is also funny too), easy sign up process….check!

Oh, you’re interested? You can order some here ( <— ok FTC guys, this is my affiliate link). If someone orders through this link, I get a month of razors free. Not interested in hooking me up with a month free? That’s cool. I’m excited to get them for cheap anyways. Here’s the non-aff link.

Happy shaving!

Well, that was actually fun!

And thus we cap off the business week and head into a soon-to-be-springtime here in the Northern hemisphere.

Anybody have any cool stuff going on this weekend?

Talk to y’all soon.

– JC


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